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AIRS Online Visualization and Analysis

AIRS Global 1.0° x 1.0° (2.5° x 2.0° for CO2) Monthly Level-3 Products

To build on the success of the previous version of the Giovanni online analysis tool, this Giovanni-3 interface has been redesigned to improve visualization and analysis of the AIRS Global 1.0° x 1.0° (except CO2 which is in 2.5° x 2.0° lonxlat bin) monthly Level-3 Products. By choosing various data services below, users can create area plots, time series plots, Hovmöller diagrams and animations or compare different flavors of AIRS Level-3 data. Results can be downloaded either in HDF or ASCII format. Please check data availability to ensure a successful run.

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AIRX3C2M.005(2002/09 - 2012/02)
AIRX3STM.005(2002/09 - 2013/02)
  CH4 degree of freedom _descending (CH4_dof_D)
  CH4 degree of freedom_ascending (CH4_dof_A)
  CH4 volume mixing ratio_ascending (CH4_VMR_eff_A) (3 Levels) (3D)
  CH4 volume mixing ratio_descending (CH4_VMR_eff_D) (3 Levels) (3D)
  CO degree of freedom_ascending (CO_dof_A)
  CO degree of freedom_descending (CO_dof_D)
  CO effective pressure_ascending (CO_Eff_Press_A) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO effective pressure_descending (CO_Eff_Press_D) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO verticality_ascending (CO_Verticality_A) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO verticality_descending (CO_Verticality_D) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO volume mixing ratio_ascending (CO_VMR_eff_A) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO volume mixing ratio_descending (CO_VMR_eff_D) (7 Levels) (3D)
  Clear-sky outgoing long-wave radiation flux_ascending (ClrOLR_A)
  Clear-sky outgoing long-wave radiation flux_descending (ClrOLR_D)
  Cloud fraction (fine)_ascending (FineCloudFrc_A) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Cloud fraction (fine)_descending (FineCloudFrc_D) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Cloud fraction_ascending (CloudFrc_A)
  Cloud fraction_descending (CloudFrc_D)
  Cloud top pressure_ascending (CloudTopPres_A)
  Cloud top pressure_descending (CloudTopPres_D)
  Cloud top temperature_ascending (CloudTopTemp_A)
  Cloud top temperature_descending (CloudTopTemp_D)
  Geopotential height (microwave)_ascending_MW_only (GPHeight_MW_A) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Geopotential height (microwave)_descending_MW_only (GPHeight_MW_D) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Geopotential height_ascending (GPHeight_A) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Geopotential height_descending (GPHeight_D) (24 Levels) (3D)
  H2O mass mixing ratio_ascending (H2OVapMMR_A) (12 Levels) (3D)
  H2O mass mixing ratio_descending (H2OVapMMR_D) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Mean surface pressure_ascending (SurfPres_A)
  Mean surface pressure_descending (SurfPres_D)
  Outgoing longwave radiation flux_ascending (OLR_A)
  Outgoing longwave radiation flux_descending (OLR_D)
  Relative humidity (over liquid)_ascending (RelHumidLiq_A) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Relative humidity (over liquid)_descending (RelHumidLiq_D) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Relative humidity_ascending (RelHumid_A) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Relative humidity_descending (RelHumid_D) (12 Levels) (3D)
  Surface air temperature_ascending (SurfAirTemp_A)
  Surface air temperature_descending (SurfAirTemp_D)
  Surface skin temperature_ascending (SurfSkinTemp_A)
  Surface skin temperature_descending (SurfSkinTemp_D)
  Temperature profile (microwave)_ascending_MW_only (Temperature_MW_A) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Temperature profile (microwave)_descending_MW_only (Temperature_MW_D) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Temperature profile_ascending (Temperature_A) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Temperature profile_descending (Temperature_D) (24 Levels) (3D)
  Total column cloud liquid water_ascending (TotCldLiqH2O_A)
  Total column cloud liquid water_descending (TotCldLiqH2O_D)
  Total column ozone_ascending (TotO3_A)
  Total column ozone_descending (TotO3_D)
  Total column water vapor (microwave)_ascending_MW_only (TotH2OVap_MW_A)
  Total column water vapor (microwave)_descending_MW_only (TotH2OVap_MW_D)
  Total column water vapor_ascending (TotH2OVap_A)
  Total column water vapor_descending (TotH2OVap_D)
  Tropopause height_ascending (TropHeight_A)
  Tropopause height_descending (TropHeight_D)
  Tropopause pressure_ascending (TropPres_A)
  Tropopause pressure_descending (TropPres_D)
  Tropopause temperature_ascending (TropTemp_A)
  Tropopause temperature_descending (TropTemp_D)
  total column CO_ascending (CO_total_column_A)
  total column CO_descending (CO_total_column_D)
Select Levels for '(3D)' Parameters
• For 'vertical' (pressure) plots using '(3D)' parameters, select a Lower/Upper Level range.
• For 'horizontal' (lat-lon) plots, select only one Level (i.e., Upper Level = Lower Level).
NOTE:  Humidity profiles, H2O* and relative humidity* (3D), are LAYER variables; they represent the mean value of the corresponding entity in the layer enclosed within indicated levels; e.g. a humidity entity selected at 500 mb represents the mean quantity in the layer 500-400 mb.
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