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Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS)

Monthly Products

This Giovanni instance focuses on integrating multi-discipline products from satellite observation and model assimilation for supporting Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS) project. Click here for spatial resolution and other information of parameters in this collection.

Alert: Please be caution when selecting multiple 3-dimensional (3D) parameters. The current system does not support visualization of two or more 3D parameters with different vertical level numbers.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT: The NASA MAIRS Data and Information Services project is supported by NASA HQ through ROSES 2008 NNH08ZDA001N-LCLUC.

Vertical Profile
Select a vertical profile range. The range selection is disabled unless a qualifying parameter is selected. In order to enable this option (and populate the list with values), select a 3D parameter. 3D parameters have at least three dimensions and are labeled with a '(3D)' in the 'Parameters' section.
NOTE:  Selected 3D parameters must have the same 3rd dimension (e.g., pressure, altitude, wavelength, etc.) units in order to enable the vertical level menu.
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(1979/01/01 - 2016/01/01)
  Aerosol Optical Depth at 550 nm
  Aerosol Small Mode Fraction
  CH4 volume mixing ratio_ascending (CH4_VMR_eff_A) (3 Levels) (3D)
  CH4 volume mixing ratio_descending (CH4_VMR_eff_D) (3 Levels) (3D)
  CO volume mixing ratio_ascending (CO_VMR_eff_A) (7 Levels) (3D)
  CO volume mixing ratio_descending (CO_VMR_eff_D) (7 Levels) (3D)
  Cloud Fraction (Day and Night)
  Cloud Fraction (Day only)
  Cloud Fraction (Night only)
  Deep Blue AOD at 550 nm
  GPCP precipitation
  Outgoing longwave radiation flux_ascending (OLR_A)
  Outgoing longwave radiation flux_descending (OLR_D)
  Rain Rate
  Surface air temperature_ascending (SurfAirTemp_A)
  Surface air temperature_descending (SurfAirTemp_D)
  Total column ozone_ascending (TotO3_A)
  Total column ozone_descending (TotO3_D)
  Total column water vapor_ascending (TotH2OVap_A)
  Total column water vapor_descending (TotH2OVap_D)
  Tropopause height_ascending (TropHeight_A)
  Tropopause height_descending (TropHeight_D)
  Water Vapor Clear Sky (QA-w, NIR)
  Water Vapor Cloudy (QA-w, NIR)
  total column CO_ascending (CO_total_column_A)
  total column CO_descending (CO_total_column_D)
(1979/01/01 - 2015/12/31)
  Eastward wind at 10 m above displacement height
  Eastward wind at 2 m above displacement height
  Eastward wind at 250 hPa
  Eastward wind at 500 hPa
  Eastward wind at 850 hPa
  Height at 1000 hPa
  Height at 250 hPa
  Height at 500 hPa
  Height at 850 hPa
  Northward wind at 10 m above displacement height
  Northward wind at 2 m above displacement height
  Northward wind at 250 hPa
  Northward wind at 500 hPa
  Northward wind at 850 hPa
  Sea level pressure
  Specific humidity at 10 m above displacement height
  Specific humidity at 2 m above displacement height
  Specific humidity at 250 hPa
  Specific humidity at 500 hPa
  Specific humidity at 850 hPa
  Surface skin temperature
  Temperature at 10 m above displacement height
  Temperature at 2 m above displacement height
  Temperature at 250 hPa
  Temperature at 500 hPa
  Temperature at 850 hPa
  Time averaged surface pressure
(2000/01/01 - 2015/12/31)
  Cloud and Overpass Corrected Fire Pixel Count
  Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI)
  Ice Occurrence Frequency
  Land Surface Temperature (day)
  Land Surface Temperature (night)
  Mean Fire Radiative Power
  Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)
  Snow Occurrence Frequency
  Soil Moisture Mean
  Surface skin temperature_ascending (SurfSkinTemp_A)
  Surface skin temperature_descending (SurfSkinTemp_D)
(1979/01/01 - 2015/12/01)
  Average layer 1 soil moisture
  Average layer 1 soil temperature
  Average layer 2 soil moisture
  Average layer 2 soil temperature
  Average layer 3 soil moisture
  Average layer 3 soil temperature
  Average layer 4 soil moisture
  Average layer 4 soil temperature
  Average surface temperature
  Ground heat flux
  Near surface air temperature
  Near surface wind magnitude
  Net longwave radiation
  Net shortwave radiation
  Rainfall rate
  Snow water equivalent
  Snowfall rate
  Subsurface runoff
  Surface incident longwave radiation
  Surface incident shortwave radiation
  Surface pressure
  Surface runoff
  Total canopy water storage
  Total evapotranspiration
(1997/09/01 - 2015/05/31)
  Chlorophyll a concentration
  Sea Surface Temperature (11 micron night) 9km
(1998/01/01 - 2007/12/31)
  NOBM Monthly Assimilated Total Chlorophyll
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