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    This data portal is no longer supported by the NASA GES DISC. Use of this portal is at one's discretion. The GES DISC does not ensure either the portal's future availability or operability or the validity of analytical results obtained here.

TES Level-3 Daily Global Surveys

Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer Global 2.0° x 4.0° Gridded Data


This interface is for the visualization and analysis of EOS Aura TES daily level 3 gridded data. Level 3 daily data (per TES global survey of about 26 hours) are provided at 2° latitude by 4° longitude. The level 3 data are derived from level 2 retrieved parameters at each pressure level using spatial Delauney triangulation and interpolation (over poles extrapolation is used). See the Level 3 User’s Guide for details. Currently, methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), water vapor (H2O), deuterated water vapor (HDO), nitric acid (HNO3), ozone (O3), and atmospheric temperature data are available. Atmospheric temperature is separated into daytime (ascending orbit) and nighttime (descending orbit) measurements. Only nadir observation data are offered, except HNO3 which are limb mode data (see TES global survey availability calendars).

Vertical Profile
Select a vertical profile range. The range selection is disabled unless a qualifying parameter is selected. In order to enable this option (and populate the list with values), select a 3D parameter. 3D parameters have at least three dimensions and are labeled with a '(3D)' in the 'Parameters' section.
NOTE:  Selected 3D parameters must have the same 3rd dimension (e.g., pressure, altitude, wavelength, etc.) units in order to enable the vertical level menu.
TL3ATD.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
TL3CH4D.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
Parameter Data Product Info
  CH4 Profile (Nadir) TES
  CH4 Total Column Density (Nadir) TES
  CH4 at Surface (Nadir) TES
TL3COD.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
Parameter Data Product Info
  CO Profile (Nadir) TES
  CO Total Column Density (Nadir) TES
  CO at Surface (Nadir) TES
TL3H2OD.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
Parameter Data Product Info
  H2O Profile (Nadir) TES
  H2O Total Column Density (Nadir) TES
  H2O at Surface (Nadir) TES
TL3HDOD.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
Parameter Data Product Info
  HDO Profile (Nadir) TES
  HDO Total Column Density (Nadir) TES
  HDO at Surface (Nadir) TES
TL3HNOD.002(2004/09/03 - 2005/04/09)
Parameter Data Product Info
  HNO3 Profile (Limb) TES
  HNO3 Total Column Density (Limb) TES
  HNO3 at Surface (Limb) TES
TL3O3D.002(2004/09/03 - 2010/12/23)
Parameter Data Product Info
  O3 Profile (Nadir) TES
  O3 Total Column Density (Nadir) TES
  O3 Tropospheric Column Density (Nadir) TES
  O3 at Surface (Nadir) TES
(Date Begin: 03 Sep 2004)
(Date End: 23 Dec 2010)

TES daily Level-3 data are available about once every other day. Please see the TES data availability calendar for exact dates with data.

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